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Potato, Kale and Sesame Salad

Kale is a delicious vegetable which you don’t really see much in supermarkets for some reason. I get mine from Food Connect or the Northey St City Farm markets, but it’s also pretty easy to grow and quite hardy. This salad was one of those random things I just threw together and it happened to be really nice – good mayonnaise always helps.

Makes two large serves – if taking to a  picnic or barbecue I’d double it.

500g smallish potatoes, of a waxy type
5 leaves of kale
1 dessert spoon macadamia oil
1 dsp mayonnaise
1 dsp plain yoghurt
1 tsp tahini
1 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp salt
1 dsp sesame seeds, white or black

Wash the potatoes and boil them whole in salted water until they’re easily impaled with a fork, 20-40 mins depending on size. Meanwhile, shred the kale roughly and steam until it changes colour to a dark green and is tender. Toast sesame seeds in a dry pan until just golden – be careful not to burn.  If you use black ones you’ll just have to use your nose to tell when they’re ready, or throw in some white ones to act as markers.

Combine all other ingredients. I usually have a bit of a problem getting my tahini to dissolve into a salad dressing, probably because it’s been in the cupboard a while and has separated out. If your tahini looks a bit sticky, you can do as I did and leave it out here and toss it directly through the chopped warm potatoes – the heat seems to soften it up.

When potatoes are cooked, drain them and when they’re cool enough, dice into potato-salad-sized pieces. You can peel them if you want to but I generally wouldn’t because the potato skin adds flavour and is apparently nutritious. Combine with kale and dressing, and most of the sesame seeds, leaving a few for artistic sprinkling on top.

I can think of endless variations for this salad – macadamia butter instead of tahini, toasted macadamia pieces, sesame oil and a tiny bit of tamari, fried cubes of soft tofu, toasted almonds, almond butter, lemon zest, a little bit of shredded preserved lemon, &c. Enjoy!